About Me

Hello, my name is Gina. I am a disabled creative with a passion for disability and chronic illness advocacy. I’m a freelance writer and copywriter, working in both the corporate sector and on feature pieces that showcase my perspective on living with a chronic condition as a young person. I also run a YouTube channel and Instagram where I share my daily experiences and tips for disabled and chronically ill folks looking for advice and support.

Through my work I aim to share my story as someone with a genetic disability that fell into my lap in my early twenties. I had to quickly learn to navigate life as a disabled university student, alongside accepting my disability and adapting every facet of my life to accommodate my new reality- not an easy task! I experienced first-hand the difficulties and stigma that affect disabled people and felt encouraged to advocate for myself from those who shared their stories online. I received invaluable support from the online disability community, who I now aim to support with my writing and online content.

Writing has always been “my thing”. From the folders of stories I wrote as a child to the journalism experience I would develop throughout my life as a university student, I have always been a writer. I write to educate able-bodied people about what it’s really like to be disabled, because I believe awareness is the key to a more understanding and accessible society for everyone. I also offer advice and support to the disabled community through my writing and YouTube videos to help others feel less alone and benefit from my experiences.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio of work, my blog, and to get in touch with any enquiries!


Gina has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Lincoln.

About Me

I am a disabled freelance writer and YouTuber aiming to support the disability and chronic illness community through my work as an advocate and sharing my personal experiences.

I am available for freelance copywriting work and for feature articles.

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