How I Cope During A Flare-Up.

Hi friends. If you follow me on social media, you might know that recently, I’ve been dealing with the worst, longest lasting fatigue flare-up I’ve ever experienced. Fun stuff! After contracting Covid in late June, my fatigue levels (which were previously somewhat manageable most of the time), spiraled drastically. It made the wheelchair I boughtContinue reading “How I Cope During A Flare-Up.”

Visiting Easton Walled Gardens for Sweetpea Season.

Back in July, I visited Easton Walled Gardens with my mum. It’s a place I’ve visited and enjoyed several times with my partner and as a fellow nature-lover, I hoped my mum would also see it as something of a hidden gem as I now do. In this blog I’ll talk about our visit, and how accessible I found the gardens to be as a mobility aid user.

How (and why) I chose my first wheelchair.

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog! For a while now I’ve wanted to talk about my experience researching, purchasing, and using a wheelchair for the first time. As this is a lot to cover, I’ve decided to split it into two sections, and today we’re going to be looking at my experience researching andContinue reading “How (and why) I chose my first wheelchair.”

Why “being your own competition” is not always a helpful mindset.

I’ve come across this phrase in relation to the negative comparisons we all occasionally draw between ourselves and others. It’s often touted as the solution: past you is your only competition! The only person you can fairly compare yourself to today, is the you of yesterday! Considered simply it seems like sound advice, but inContinue reading “Why “being your own competition” is not always a helpful mindset.”